DPVAT 41.2% of the bikes was not paid in 2014

Considering the motorcycle fleet last year, according to data from the association of automakers, Abraciclo, this percentage would represent about 9.5 million motorcycles. But one of the reasons for the high rate, according to the Leader-DPVAT, which administers the insurance is that many motorcyclists stop “writing off” the badly damaged motorcycle registration or had total loss in transit agencies, ie





“>According to the National Traffic Department, the vehicle owner “unrecoverable or permanently dismantled” should require low the National Registry of Motor Vehicles (Renavam), being prohibited the reassembly of the vehicle on the same chassis, in order to maintain the previous record.

“>With this, closes the collection of debts as DPVAT, property taxes and annual licensing.

Circular with bike that does not have compulsory insurance settled is considered very serious offense, a fine of R $ 191.54 7 more points in the portfolio and seizure of the vehicle.

“>In 2013, the percentage of motorcycles throughout Brazil without paying the insurance was 39.7% and in 2012 37.7%.

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