All you need to know to go by bike to work

The landscape of Paulista Avenue, one of the most famous and important roads of São Paulo, will change in 2015: the median will be divided by a bike path.

This shows how the bikes are gaining importance, at least in the largest city of the country. The argument of the São Paulo City Hall is that the more bicycles on the streets, the lower the traffic in the city and less travel time of people.

Today, according to the Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA), professionals who live in metropolitan areas spend on average 41 minutes to get from home to work. Long traffic leaves the unproductive and stressed employees. And companies know.

Therefore, initiatives such as the Bike project in the firm, which advises companies that want to encourage the use of bicycle by employees, have had visibility.

Take the bike to work means more time, more money, better health and more productivity. Ie have better quality of life.

See, in the photos, a guide that will help you change the way you use the bike.

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